Payment methods

Enable all payment methods for your subscription club

PagStream® is a subscription management solution that enables payments with the widest range of payment methods in the Brazilian market. That includes subscription payments with Pix and Boleto Flash®, an exclusive boleto bancário service with payment confirmation within one hour.

Customers using credit cards also benefit from automated retries in case of payment failure and may even choose a different method to pay. Read more and get ready to increase conversion and revenue rates!

Credit card

The best credit card payment experience

With PagStream®, end-customers enjoy a seamless payment experience as the charges are automatically processed at each renewal.

Additionally, in case of credit card expiration, PagStream® includes a unique card update feature, processing future bills on the new credit card even before it’s delivered to the subscriber!


Recurring Pix payments for subscription clubs

PagStream® supports recurring payments with Pix, Brazil’s instant payment method. Customers choosing this option on the Subscriber Portal receive a payment link by e-mail at each renewal, paying for and renewing their subscription in seconds.

Boleto bancário

Boleto Flash® payments for subscriptions

PagStream® also works recurring payments with Boleto Flash®, an exclusive solution from PagBrasil with embedded technology to speed up boleto payment processing. Enjoy payment confirmation in less than an hour, elevating your customer’s experience and increasing boleto conversion rates!

PagStream® Subscriber Portal: More convenience for end-customers

Subscribers logged into the Subscriber Portal can update or switch between payment methods according to their needs and preferences. They can also add, remove, and change items and modify other subscription settings quickly and easily.

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