Promotion engine

PagStream® Promotion Engine: Automated Campaigns for Subscriptions

The PagStream® Promotion Engine allows you to create automated campaigns for your subscribers customizing rules directly from the PagBrasil dashboard.

Offer discounts, waivers, gifts, and much more with just a few clicks, without any coding required.

Benefits for Subscription Clubs

With the PagStream® Promotion Engine, you can:

Attract new subscribers

Offer discounts or waive the first charges for new subscribers to grow your base and drop customer acquisition costs.

Boost customer loyalty

Nurture relationships and retain customers for longer with promotional actions.

Leverage seasonal sales

Set up campaigns to promote holiday sales and grant special conditions to your subscribers.

Advanced solution to create promotions for subscriptions

The PagStream® Promotion Engine provides a unique experience for merchants in subscription management . With this tool, you can easily set rules that trigger promotional actions.

Such as:

  • Discounts for new subscribers.

  • Free shipping for recurring purchases over a specific price range.

  • Gifts on special dates.

Discover the PagStream® Promotion Engine

Watch the video and see how the Promotion Engine is easily operated!

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