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Subscriptions on the Rise in Brazil: 88% intend to join a new subscription

A survey carried out by PagBrasil has shown that Brazilians subscribe to four subscription services, on average. In addition, 88% said they’d join a new recurring subscription in the next six months.

If you are concerned that the lurking subscription fatigue effect will impact your business, rest at ease. While US consumers are overwhelmed with the number of subscription services and British households cut off costs with subscriptions, emerging markets like Brazil are set to skyrocket in the following months. According to the research “Subscription Economy Trends: Insights for Brazil in 2023” published by PagBrasil, consumers maintain an average of four active subscriptions. But that number is expected to increase: 88% still intend to join a new subscription in the next six months.

Average spending and consumer preferences in Brazil

According to the research, Brazilian allocate a significant portion of their budget to their subscriptions. The average spending is R$ 225.00 per month on recurring products or services, and the category with the highest participation is Digital Services, with a 65% adoption rate. Following that is the Entertainment category, with a 56% participation rate, followed by Health and Wellness (42%), Beauty (34%), and Fashion (28%).

Main motivations that appeal to subscribers

While convenience is one of the main motivations for Brazilian consumers to join a subscription, another element holds even more relevance in this behavior: exclusivity. According to the research, access to exclusive products or content motivates 67% to remain in a subscription.

What drives consumer loyalty?

The Digital Services category delivers the most gratifying experiences to its subscribers – especially streaming services. Platforms like Netflix and Prime Video are the favorites among consumers in this segment. The second favorite category among subscribers is Entertainment, with a focus on literary experiences such as TAG Livros, Clube do Livro, and Leiturinha

Sensory gastronomic experiences take a backseat but have the potential to be explored. In the Beverages category, wine subscription clubs stand out, including Wine, Clube do Vinho, and Evino.

Tamiris Souza

Tamiris is a journalist specializing in digital experiences. At PagBrasil, she writes about e-commerce, payment methods, and technology.